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Powered Air Purifying Respirator


The PA100 respiratory system is designed to provide filtered air to the breathing zone inside of the hood via the breathing hose.
The Hood is tested to IP54 against fluid and particle ingress.
The system uses a P R SL filter (Particle, Reusable, Protection against solids Protection against liquids) meaning the system can be used in environments which require a class of TH2 P R SL and below.
Choice of breathing equipment is usually governed by the concentration and type of contaminate found in the air. This complete system protects against Aerosol Generated Particulate, solid and liquid particle contaminants.
PAPR device certified to EN12941;Filter TH2 PR S L
Air Flow 180 l/min - 220 l/min
Operating time 8+ hours at 180LPM (fully charged battery and clean filter)
Battery LI-Ion, 7,4v/5200 mAh, replaceable and rechargeable
Audible Alarm Insufficient air flow (below 170 l/min) Visual alarm Low battery, blocked filter (RED LED) Construction ABS, ultra-light & robust
Motor Unit weight 870g
In an atmosphere that is immediately hazardous to user hygiene or health and
or has oxygen content of less than 19.5% or contains unknown substances.
In confined spaces or unventilated areas such as tanks, pipes, canals etc.
Near to flames and or sparks
In areas with danger of explosion.
In an area where there are high winds.
If the blower unit stops working due to any reason, the user must leave the contaminated area immediately.
It is also essential that:
Nothing is allowed to touch the moving parts.
There is no attempt to modify or alter the unit or filter in any way
Water or other liquids do not enter the unit– in particular the motor and fan, the filter or the battery.